Results of our photo competition

The results of the Council’s photo competition “Northern Nature” are now clear. The jury, consisting of professionals in photography, people with artistic eye and decision-makers from member municipalities, have selected the winners. The winner is Jorma Hevonkoski, who was rewarded by Rune Rafaelsen, Chair of the Council’s Board, in the international tourism seminar Spirit of Inari on the 1st of November 2018. He received a 400 € gift card to Rajala Pro Shop.

Jorma Hevonkoski from Ivalo, Finland, has taken his winning picture “Lakselva in the night” in Norway a couple of years ago in the end of November, when the Sun can only been seen as a reflection in the horizon.  

Tarja Länsman from Utsjoki took the second place. Her picture was taken  on the top of a fjeld  called Oađašangielas in Paistunturi reindeer herding district in Utsjoki, Finland, facing Rástegáissa in Norway, showing the tops of the fjelds in both countries. Tarja writes: “When winter turns into spring and the Sun starts to give warmth to the fjeld tops in Finland and Norway, I feel like waking up after a long, dark polar night period.” Tarja was rewarded with a 250 € gift card to Rajala Pro Shop.

The third place was shared by two participants from Sor-Varanger Municipality in Norway. They were both rewarded with a 75 € gift card to Rajala Pro Shop.

Marianne Määttä from Bjørnevatn has taken a picture of tranquil evening by Lake Store Sametti in Pasvik region.


Daniel Tvedt from Kirkenes has also taken his picture in Pasvik. One autumn night he wanted to test his camera at sunset by marshland Skrøytnes.  As soon as he set his camera on tripod, the sky exploded into aurora colours.  And as you can see in the picture, the sky seemed to be divided into two sections. Daniel placed his camera so that the pine in the middle became a divider.  

We congratulate the winners and thank all the participants warmly. You can look at all the pictures sent to the competition here  We will add the photographers’ names and descriptions of pictures there gradually.